The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Right, let’s get something straight before we go any further.

They were NOT my knickers on the radiator, and I did not really wet myself!

It’s just an expression I picked up off Cass. Okay?!

As for the person who emailed me asking if I would send them to him…

You are soooooo GROSS!!!!!

What, did you escape from Sugar & Spice or something?

And anyway, they were Mum’s. And if she finds out I put a pic of her undies on the net she’ll kill me, so just keep it quiet.

Pretty please?

So, anything new with you guys?

Same old story here.

Mum’s too busy with her work to notice us.

My brother’s a pain in the butt. As usual.

Tues’ is cute as ever most of the time, but can be really annoying when I’m trying to do my homework.

And Cass is… Well, it’s hard to explain.

The thing is, Cass can never replace Dad.

And no matter how much I tell myself Mum is happier now, every time I see Cass with Mum I am reminded that Dad isn’t here for us.

Does that make sense?

Sure, we ge to see him some weekends when he’s not working (trouble is, he’s always working) and I know he loves us just the same as before, but…

And he hates Cass. I mean, really hates her. He blames her for everything!

Which is unfair, because it wasn’t like that!  But if I dare say anything Dad says I’m taking sides…

Adults. You can’t win.

Which reminds me, I asked MW why he agreed to tell my side of the story, and he said it’s because kids are honest.

And ya know what? He’s right.

Yeah, of course I tell the occasional porky to get myself out of trouble, or more likely to get my brother into trouble. But what Mark meant was that children see through the veils that adults hide behind.

So watch out for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as Mum says at work.

Well, someone says it where she works, anyway.

Oh yeah, she’s a lawyer.

A defence barrister, in fact.

And she specialises in getting people off the hook. 

Whether they’re innocent or not, I once overheard her say.

And what with Cass being a copper ‘n’ all…

Yeah, talk about The Odd Couple!

One’s trying to put the villains in jail while the other’s trying to set them free…

And then they sleep in the same bed!

It’s like Mark says, you just couldn’t make it up!



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